Stores are overflowing with Valentine’s Day decorations and among all of the red and pink are shelves and shelves of boxed Valentines for your little ones to hand out. There is nothing wrong with buying ready made Valentine’s for your kiddos to hand out but if you would like to do something a little different this year and have your little ones make their own cards or need a quick valentines craft idea, here are a few animal shaped valentines that are super easy and fun to make. This craft came from this book, Easy Handcraft Fun, 1963.


All you need is some coloured paper stock and glue, and if you want to make things a little easier, some small heart shaped stickers of various sizes. Here are the instructions from the book itself but as with any craft, they can be made any way you and your kids like.


Here is the butterfly:

This is my daughter’s version of the butterfly. Basically she cut two large paper hearts for the wings and a narrow heart for the body. Paste these in place. Cut two paper strips for the antennae and add small red hearts. She thought the butterfly needed a face so she gave him cute heart eyes and a sweet smile.

The love bird:


Simply cut a large paper heart for the body and smaller hearts for the tail, wing, and head. Cut small coloured eyes and beak. Cut narrow strips for the legs and hearts for the feet. Paste together as shown and decorate.

And the mouse (my favorite of the three):


Cut one large heart for the body and one smaller heart for the head. Paste the head on the body and cut paper whiskers, nose, and heart eyes and paste in place. Cut four strips of paper 1 x 5 inches. Pleat these and paste under the big heart for the legs. For the tail you can use paper or find some string or rick rack as we used.

Anyone would love to get one of these cute hand made Valentine’s cards!



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